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B. Stuur - YouTurns

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B. Stuur - YouTurns

B. Stuur - YouTurns

Fabrikant: B.Toys
Artikelcode: BX1148

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71148 Your Turns

Je waant je net een echte chauffeur! Op de achterbank met dit stuur op schoot, of gewoon in de woonkamer of je bed.....
Het geluid van de moter, knipperlichtjes, 3 verschillende claxons en in het donker geeft het dashbord licht!

EAN Code: 0062243252271

Afmetingen: L: 14 x B: 29.2 x H: 27.9


1 to 5 years

You're in the driver's seat now. (Okay, when weren't you?)
  • Turn left, turn right. Steer your little car all around the B. town. You'll really feel like you're driving.
  • Engine and horn sounds. Vroom Vroom, uhhhh Beep Beep.
  • Shift through forward, neutral and reverse
  • LED blinkers let everyone know where you're headed
  • Push the music button for a variety of driving songs
  • Perfect car seat toy. On the long haul, flip it over and it doubles as a pillow.
  • Screen lights up for night driving.

Comes with

  • 1 driving wheel